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Taekwon Do Kids Camp

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Map and contact information is at the bottom of this page


We are very conscientious about the anxiety a parent has when their child leaves for camp. You will be given phone numbers that you can call at any time to check on your child. You are also welcome to visit at any time. 

What Do I Need To Bring?

Full Uniform
Sparring Gear
Personal Protection
Water Bottle
Tennis Shoes (x2)
Swimsuit (for showering)
Shower Shoes
Towels (x2)
Dirty Clothes Bag
Camp Trunk (opt)
Snack Money (Opt)

Label everything!!

What NOT to bring

Chewing gum
Expensive clothes or Jewelry
Electronics (iPad, handheld games)
Knives - or any weapons,  including nunchakus
any trading or gambling items/games

Camp Meals

We provide the best quality nutrition and plan each meal with regard to dietary needs, especially when training/playing several times daily. If your child has any special dietary needs that require special foods. Please be sure to send this with him/her. We are in a rural location and simply can not run-up to the store to get special items. Honestly, we probably would not be able to find it. 

Medical Care

We provide an onsite RN and health officer 24/7 for an upset tummy, boo-boo & to administer any prescribed or OTC medication.

Map & Contact

Grand Master Burleson:  417-239-4451
Sr Master Edwards: 479-530-5989
Sr Master Lindsey: 918-721-5425
For questions about registration
Suzette Howerton: 870-480-7511
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