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Women's Only Combatives Camp

Sept 16 & 17

Womens combatives camp.jpg
2 days - Food, Lodging and Training !!! $159

You, and every other woman you know, are invited to attend a Combatives Camp specifically designed for ladies! 


This is an intense, high-energy basic self-defense class encompassing all aspects of an attack. 

  • You will be in a safe and controlled environment with like-minded women.

  • You will be getting personal attention with multiple instructors present.  

  • You will learn about adrenal stress and the effect that it has on your body during an attack.

  • You will learn how to control and overcome stress to safely protect yourself and your family.  

  • You will learn to become familiar with your firearm as we cover the breakdown and mechanics of your weapon.  

  • You will learn basic hand-to-hand defense techniques necessary to subdue an aggressor.  

  • You will start your firearms training on a state-of-the-art weapon simulator, learn multiple dry fire drills, and end the progression on the range with live fire practice! 

Camp Information

Registration begins at 9am, training begins at 10am

Hard Target Training Academy

4045 Black Ranch Road

Lead Hill, AR 72644

Leave your firearms in your vehicle until instructed when and where to check them in

Meals and lodging will be provided.

Things to bring

bedding, (sleeping bags work well)




Range gear (eyes/ears)

your concealed carry firearm

50 rounds ammo

lift gloves/wraps/boxing gloves/sparring gloves (optional) (we do have extras that you can use while training)

mouthguard (optional)

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