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Women's Only Combatives Camp

May 2nd - 5th

Leave your firearms in your vehicle until instructed when and where to check them in

You, and every other woman you know, are invited to attend a Combatives Camp specifically designed for ladies! 


This is an intense, high-energy basic self-defense class encompassing all aspects of an attack. 

  • You will be in a safe and controlled environment with like-minded women.

  • You will be getting personal attention with multiple instructors present.  

  • You will learn about adrenal stress and the effect that it has on your body during an attack.

  • You will learn how to control and overcome stress to safely protect yourself and your family.  

  • You will learn to become familiar with your firearm as we cover the breakdown and mechanics of your weapon.  

  • You will learn basic hand-to-hand defense techniques necessary to subdue an aggressor.  

  • You will start your firearms training on a state-of-the-art weapon simulator, learn multiple dry fire drills, and end the progression on the range with live fire practice! 

2 days - Food, Lodging and Training !!! $225

Registration is Thursday night between 5pm - 6pm

Meals will be provided from Breakfast Friday morning through Breakfast Sunday morning.

Things to bring

bedding, (sleeping bags work well)




Range gear (eyes/ears)

your concealed carry firearm

50 rounds ammo

lift gloves/wraps/boxing gloves/sparring gloves (optional) (we do have extras that you can use while training)

mouthguard (optional)

Camp Information

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