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This class is being rescheduled. Contact Troy Burleson @ 417-239-4451 or  if you have any question.
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Precision Marksman Class

May 22nd thru 26th, 2023

55 Hours

Cost $675.00

Instructor C. Arlo Guthary, Retired (479) 879-5268

SIbot, LL

Barracks and meals provided

C.L.E.S.T Certified

Contact Suzette at (870) 480-7511 to register for the class. We are only taking 15 slots


This is a very comprehensive class. The list below is just a few of the topics covered besides the basic precision marksman training standards:

1)Tactical helicopter insertion and extraction

2)Evasion and mitigation of Thermal imaging

3)Compass navigation to target

4)Rural hides and stealth movement in a rural environment

Precision Marksman Class Equipment List

A) Any scoped rifle up to 30 caliber capable of producing minute of angle groups with factory ammunition

B) Optic with range finding capabilities. Must be ten power magnification or above

C) Shooting mat

D)Hearing and eye protection

E) 150 rounds of factory ammunition for the rifle you are using.

F) Bipod or other equivalent rifle rest

G) Method of carrying water on your person

H) Rifle data book

I) Notebook and writing instrument for logging necessary formulas and taking notes

J) Binoculars

K) Range finder

L) Good field knife

M) Electrical tape

N) Lensatic compass )IT doesn’t have to be military grade. Suunto compasses and similar will work

O) Camouflaged clothing

P) Face paint or face cover

Q) Ghillie suit if you have one

R) All tools necessary for your equipment if it needs adjustment

S) All pertinent operating manuals for your optics (They are available online from the manufacturer of your optics manufacturer)

Precision Marksman Class Learning Objectives

1)The student will learn how to set up the basic precision rifle

2)The student will learn a brief history of the rifle marksman as it is applied to military and law enforcement

3)The student will learn how to use their range finding reticle to estimate range

4)They will be given and taught how to use the applicable range estimating formulas

5)They will learn how to operate and utilize their rifle optics

6)The student will obtain dope out to 200 yards o their rifle

7)The student will learn precision rifle shooting fundamentals

8)In order to pass the course the student will have to pass an Arkansas state precision rifle qualification course

9)Learn the basics of operating In low light and nighttime conditions

10) The student will be taught how to mitigate and evade Thermal imaging while on the move and in a hide

11) The student will learn the safety protocols of utilizing a helicopter for inserting the marksman into their operational area and basic They will be inserted into their area of operation by helicopter

12) The student will also learn how to properly set up and traverse to the target

13) The student will learn the basics of navigating with the lensatic compass

14) The student will learn how to build a proper blind in a rural environment

15) The student will learn the basics of gathering intelligence and time to target management

Daily Schedule

Precision Marksman Class

Day1 Classroom


0800-0900: Admin and check in




A) Introduction to the precision marksman

B) Gear set up and equipment check

C) Brief history of the precision marksman

D) Basic set up and nomenclature of the tactical scope

E) Explaining internal, external, and terminal ballistics

F) 1200-1300 LUNCH

G) How to range with the tactical scope. Both MOA and MIL

H) Formulas used for ranging targets and angles

I) Formulas for interface from MOA to MIL and MIL to MOA

J) Application of deadly force by state and federal guidelines

K) Explanation of basic state qualification for the Arkansas precision marksman

Precision Marksman Class

Day 2 Range


0800-1000 : Equipment set up and zero all rifles.

1000-1200: Getting dope for log books

1200-1300: Lunch

1300-1700: Getting dope setting up for night operations.

Position and tripod shooting. Getting dope for moving target engagement

This also includes pre-operations planning.

1700-1800: Dinner

1800-2200: Night fire. Shooting in low light and introduction to IR and Thermal scopes

Precision Marksman Class

Day:4 Operations day



A)Security actions and responsibilities at the landing zone

B) Safety Brief

C) Stik Selections

D) Mission Brief

E) Equipment and personnel preparation


1100-1200 Lunch


1230-????: Exercise begins

Precision Marksman Class

Day 5: Qualification/Graduation




A)Cold Bore

B) Shoot State Qualifier. Only three attempts


1200-1300: Lunch


Graduation and Award ceremony

Precision Marksman Class

Day 3 Fieldcraft

0800-1000: Cold bore shot on all rifles

1000-1600: Field Craft 1200-1300 lunch

A) Field class on making a ghillie suit and variants of the Ghillie suit

B) How to properly utilize and apply camouflage clothing and paint in preparation for field operations

C) Considerations and selection of a hide site

D) How to prepare the hide site

1) Properly camouflage the site

2) Address egress routes

3) How to prepare the site to not be compromised when the shot is fired

4) 540 degrees of camouflage

5) Gear needed for making and utilizing a rural hide in the bush

6) Using various shooting positions in the bush

7) Practical application setting up rural blind

8) Building a hasty urban hide

9) Site selection for an urban hide

10) Practical application of building an urban hide

11) How to use map orientation and azimuth to navigate to target area.


1700-2100: Evade and Mitigate Thermal Imaging


1) Classroom with examples how to mitigate and evade thermal imaging

2) Practical exercise to mitigate and evade thermal by building an urban hide

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