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U.S. Combatives Training Group

U.S. Combatives Training Group has organized three (3) different levels of training to 


U.S. Combatives Training Group has organized three (3) different levels of training to 

Group and Corporate Retreats

Hard Target and U.S. Combatives Training Group host a variety of Special Interest

Home Invasion

Learn how to make your home a Hard Target for would-be robbers that might invade your family’s safe zone.  Learn basic handgun skills for self-defense. Learn basic shotgun skills for home defense. Experience what the real difference is to shot in a low light condition when defending yourself or your family.

Ladies Only Handgun

That’s right ladies only.  We have some of the top women instructors around that

Active Shooter Training - How to get out alive

More information coming soon

AR-15 Carbine Class

The is a one (1) day training event that covers the basic AR15 rifle system.  Safety,

Shoot - Don't Shoot ... When Can I legally Shoot-

More information coming soon

Conflict Resolution

Hard Target Training Facility and U.S. Combatives utilize the F.A.S.T. Defense system of dealing with

Stop the Bleed

Everyone should be trained in basic first aid.  This is a simple state-of-the-art system that the Military and Law Enforcement utilize to save lives from extreme injuries from serious gun or knife wounds.  Additionally, a check list of what you should be carrying and how to use it if you should need it.  Extremely important if not one of the most important training classes we have.

Security & Church Security Teams

Hard Target Instructors have helped a large number of security and church security teams prepare for the challenges that they

Defensive Shotgun

Defensive Shotgun- This is a one (1) day class that covers the basics of handling a shotgun for self-defense purposes.  Weapon safety, weapon handling, weapon loading, types of ammunitions and how they perform with various other shoot and move drills that are included.  An excellent class to become familiar with a devastating weapon for home defense.

Personal Self-Defense

This can be a one – seven (1-7) day training event.  Warrior Mindset & Combative Concepts, Distance Control, Situation Awareness, Verbal 

Defensive/Offensive Knife Tactics

U.S. Combatives Training Group offers several levels of Knife work that includes but is not limited to Incapacitation Tactics (M-CAT) that are utilized by the Arkansan and Oklahoma Law Enforcement Training Centers, Lethal Tactics that must be legally justified and high percentage defensive concepts should you be forced into a no choice situation.

Youth Warrior Leadership Camp

If you are between the ages of 12-17 you are eligible for an extraordinary experience of

Long Range Precision Shooting

More information coming soon

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