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Types of Training

For Civilian and Law Enforcement. Co-ed classes as well as special classes for Women only.

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Concealed Handgun Carry License with the State of Arkansas.  Receive your CHCL for either a Basic Carry License, or an Advanced Carry License or for a renewal.

US Combatives
Training Camps

U.S. Combatives Training Group has organized three (3) different levels of training to provide you with a solid overall understanding of the various ranges of conflict and the different levels of severity.  This course was designed to develop a multi range skill set against common threats and to lay a foundation for those wishing to proceed into the Instructor Certification Program.

Shoot- Don't Shoot 
Stop the Bleed Medical Training

Everyone should be trained in basic first aid.  This is a simple state-of-the-art system that the Military and Law Enforcement utilize to save lives from extreme injuries from serious gun or knife wounds.  Additionally, a check list of what you should be carrying and how to use it if you should need it.  Extremely important if not one of the most important training classes we have.

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