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Warrior Spirit Black Belt Camp & Testing


Black Belts !!! You will not want to miss this historic training opportunity

2023 Warrior Spirit Black Belt Camp


  • Grand Master T. Burleson 9th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Lead Hill, Arkansas – The Warrior Mindset.  An inter-perspective lecture on the emotional strong points needed to prevail in a violent encounter.

  • Grand Master B. Whitlow 9th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Murfreesboro, TN – Footwork & Striking.  A detailed look at creating angles between you and your opponent to give you the best targeting position with each step.

  • Grand Master B. Hudson 9th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Prosper, TX – Sparring.  Tactics and Skill.  Learn some time proven tactics to enhance your sparring skills from a world-class competitor and instructor.

  • Sr. Master Rob Ellis 8th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Austin, TX – Fundamental Ground Skills.  Escapes & Reversals.  Be sure you absorb these essential ground skills from a multi-discipline Black Belt and master instructor.

  • Sr. Master Dwayne Doran 8th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Springfield, MO – Active Shooter Training.  Weapon Simulator.  Great opportunity to learn some of the core principles in surviving and overcoming an Active Shooter situation.

  • Grand Master S. McNeely 9th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Allen, TX – (pending) Update and unify the traditional Patterns that is used within our training, testing and competition networks.

*Special Guest – Grand Master Robert Hardin - 9th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Limestone, AR-
Grand Master Hardin will be the most senior instructor at this event with over 55 years of experience and lineage and senior member of the Master’s Council.
*Special Guest - Mrs. Allison Hardin – 7th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, Limestone, AR-
Mrs. Hardin is an active and avid member of the top instructor group within our network.
**On July 22, 2023, there will be an advance black belt testing at the Diamond City Community center, 232 West Grand Ave., Diamond City, Arkansas, 72644, beginning at 5 pm.  The public is welcome to attend and enjoy.  Grand Master Troy Burleson will be doing a Master’s Demonstration that represents 40+ years of dedication and training to celebrate his recent 9th Degree promotion.
Additionally, Mr. Danny Hendrick (Missouri State Director) and Mrs. Lisa Broadway will be testing for their 6th Degree Black Belts.  You will not want to miss this historical martial art event.

​After the testing we will enjoy a buffet dinner at the Diamond City Country Club, everyone is welcome to attend. The price for this meal will be $15/person


Black Belt Camp

  • On site lodging limited to the first 25 Black Belts that register.

  • Register at

  • Early registration is $299.  Includes training seminars, lodging, great food planned and awesome memories for a lifetime.  Limited on-site accommodations so register now!

Thurs, July 20,   1 pm – Arrival & Check-in.
                              4:00 pm – “The Warrior Mindset” – Lecture and discussion.                                                                Special cinematic presentation system provided.
                            6:00 pm – Dinner.
Fri., July 21,      8:00 am – Breakfast.
                            9:00 am – Footwork and Striking.
                            12:00 pm – Lunch.
                            2:00 pm – Sparring.
                            6:00 pm – Dinner.
                            7:00 pm – Entertainment.
Sat., July 22,     8:00 am – Breakfast.
                            10:00 am – Ground Escapes & Reversals. Special Grappling mats provided.
                            12:00 pm – Lunch.
                            2:00 pm – Active Shooter Training.  Weapon Simulator provided.
                            5:00 pm – Demonstration & Testing at Diamond City Comm. Center.
                            7:00 pm – Celebration Dinner at Diamond City Country Club.  Special Awards Ceremony. The cost for this dinner will                                                     be  $15/person and includes a buffet dinner and tea.
Sun., July 23     8:00 am –   Breakfast
                            9:00 am – Patterns (pending)
                            12:00 pm – Departure home.

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