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US Combatives Training Camps

U.S. Combatives Training Group has organized three (3) different levels of training to provide you with a solid overall understanding of the various ranges of conflict and the different levels of severity.  This course was designed to develop a multi range skill set against common threats and to lay a foundation for those wishing to proceed into the Instructor Certification Program.

Concealed Handgun Carry License

Concealed Handgun Carry License with the State of Arkansas.  Receive your CHCL for either a Basic Carry License, or an Advanced Carry License or for a renewal.

Home Invasion

Learn how to make your home a Hard Target for would be robbers that might invade your family’s safe zone.  Learn basic handgun skills for self-defense. Learn basic shotgun skills for home defense. Experience what the real difference is to shot in a low light condition when defending yourself or your family.

Ladies Only

That’s right ladies only.  We have some of the top women instructors around that they know how to help empower women with a firearm.  If you a woman that feels like you are having to endure undue pressure learning how to protect yourself with a firearm you must attend our women’s only handgun training event.  You will not be judged but you will be helped and you will learn how to control a very powerful piece of self-defense equipment.  We’ve had so many women leave our training events feeling elated and empowered after having completed our basic pistol training.  You owe it to yourself and your family to get this type of training that understands where your coming from.

Stop the Bleed - Medical Training

Everyone should be trained in basic first aid.  This is a simple state-of-the-art system that the Military and Law Enforcement utilize to save lives from extreme injuries from serious gun or knife wounds.  Additionally, a check list of what you should be carrying and how to use it if you should need it.  Extremely important if not one of the most important training classes we have.

Defensive Shotgun

This is a one (1) day class that covers the basics of handling a shotgun for self-defense purposes.  Weapon safety, weapon handling, weapon loading, types of ammunitions and how they perform with various other shoot and move drills that are included.  An excellent class to become familiar with a devastating weapon for home defense.

Conflict Resolution

Hard Target Training Facility and U.S. Combatives utilize the F.A.S.T. Defense system of dealing with conflict and the art of de-escalation.  The two (2) part system that trains the Limbic area for the brain utilizes strong verbal confrontation and surprised physical confrontation.  The results are nothing short of amazing as there are tons of testimonies to prove it’s effectiveness.

Defensive/Offensive Knife Tactics

U.S. Combatives Training Group offers several levels of Knife work that includes but is not limited to Incapacitation Tactics (M-CAT) that are utilized by the Arkansan and Oklahoma Law Enforcement Training Centers, Lethal Tactics that must be legally justified and high percentage defensive concepts should you be forced into a no choice situation.

AR-15 Carbine Class

The is a one (1) day training event that covers the basic AR15 rifle system.  Safety, functionality, loading and firing are covered as well as field stripping.  Since this is a longer range weapon discussion about compatible sight systems will also be discussed.  Live fire from various shooting positions with be taught as well as shoot and move tactics.  Become more confident with your AR15 by attending this training that everyone pretends they already know but don’t.

Personal Self-Defense

This can be a one – seven (1-7) day training event.  Warrior Mindset & Combative Concepts, Distance Control, Situation Awareness, Verbal Tactics, Pre-Emptive striking, Cover-Crash-Counter, Pre-fight cues, Extreme close Quarter tactics and escape.  This is an excellent introduction to real life personal protection training that will lay the foundation for various advanced stages of continued learning.

Group and Coorporate Retreat

Hard Target and U.S. Combatives Training Group host a variety of Special Interest Groups, Corporate Team Builders, Church Security Teams and just larger families/friends that would like to have some fun learning personal protection together.  Because we are able to lodge nearly 30 participants and excellent meals are provided on site we are able to cover a lot of training ground for you.  In addition to the Tier 1 level training you can also plan many other recreational activities to accent your experience.  With Branson, MO only a few miles north we can plan some serious shopping and/or entertainment.  As well as Bass Pro and Big Cedar Lodge offering their amazing services.  With Lake Bull Shoals right next door we can organize a number of water activities as well as the local golf course and country club just down the road.  The trail riding on the ATV 4-wheelers are always a hit as is just sitting around our large camp fire and relaxing with the days lesson being warmed into your memory.

Security & Church Security Teams

Hard Target Instructors have helped a large number of security and church security teams prepare for the challenges that they might face.  We first access their unique circumstances and then we help them individually by elevating their personal training and then we help them to up their unit training.  Team training and a solid security plan with periodical pressure checks helps to keep their complacency in check.  We also have several advanced technologies that can assist them a great deal.  An example would be our advanced weapon simulator has a number of security related scenarios to test their reactions under stress.  We also can provide gunshot detection and first responder notification that includes yet by passes 911 dispatch for a faster response time if needed.

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